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We Empower Believers to Effectively Build God's Kingdom

Our Organization's Purpose

We are the A.C.T.S. International Fellowship (Apostolic Churches, Companies and Communities Together are Strong). Almighty God has inspired and endowed us with expansive vision and creative capacity to inaugurate, develop, brand, and market an innovative, dynamic, and Kingdom- based organization that offers new life, hope, and cutting-edge methodologies to all who are spiritually and emotionally invested in promoting the realm and reign of God within the earth.

Church Goers

The Organizational Origin

From our experiential perspective, many denominational movements are driven by excessive personal ambition, abject greed, wanton lust and blatant self-interest. To wit, the strategic emphasis for such observation becomes personal empire-building, which is diametrically opposed to the Word-based mandate of Kingdom-building. To authentically embrace the Mind of Christ (which is the Kingdom mindset), we must vigorously resist the destructive tide of institutionalized religion, which typically exists to the detriment of the peril of souls who are confused, turned off, tuned-out, non-participative, and/or embittered by self-serving practices in the guise of a community of faith. With this keen awareness, the A.C.T.S. International Fellowship opens our doors and our hearts, and offers our good office to like-minded believers and sincere disciples of Jesus Christ. We hold utmost conviction and confidence in what we are empowered to do, that is to exalt and serve Our Risen Lord and to allow the awesome anointing of His Holy Spirit and His Kingdom Dominion (operating in and through us) to graciously govern and mercifully minister - while gaining a total victory for the saints of God - In this present world and in the world to come.